To Participate

Paradise Ridge Youth Organizations Are Invited To  Enjoy Sweet Rewards of the 2018 Paradise Chocolate Fest!

Dedication, vision, chocolate …. Mix those together, stir in a lot of community support, and serve up the Paradise Chocolate Fest! Plans are currently underway for the 13th Annual International Award Winning Paradise Chocolate Fest, scheduled for May 13th, 2018. Organizers invite non-profit youth organizations on the Paradise Ridge to enjoy the fun and the “sweet rewards” of the Fest!

“The Paradise Chocolate Fest is dedicated to benefit non-profit organizations which provide educational, enrichment, recreational and leadership opportunities to youth on the Paradise Ridge. This annual celebration raises vital funds and awareness through a series of fun, community supported and environmentally conscious events.”

The Paradise Chocolate Fest offers an exceptional, unprecedented extravagance of chocoliciously delightful and delicious family fun for all. Most importantly, proceeds raised from the Paradise Chocolate Fest provide much needed funds for qualified organizations serving youth in our community.

In 2017, twenty non-profit youth organizations benefited from the Paradise Chocolate Fest – with over $27,000 distributed this past July. The Board of Directors of the Chocolate Fest has developed three (3) opportunities for youth organizations to benefit from the Fest.

Volunteer Equity Program

Over 300 people in the Paradise community will volunteer for the Fest. Distributable funds will be allocated to qualified youth organizations based on the number of hours contributed by their volunteers. Funds will be multiplied by the calculated hourly rate for the Fest. The hourly rate attributed to each volunteer will be determined by dividing the net Distributable Funds by the total number of qualified volunteer hours. For additional information, see the Paradise Chocolate Fest Fund Distribution Policy. (Applications to Participate as a Beneficiary are due January 16, 2018. Applications to Volunteer are due March 15, 2018. All prospective 2018 Beneficiaries MUST ATTEND an Orientation Meeting January 4, 2018.)

 Click HERE to download the 2018 Volunteer Application form.

Complimentary Booth Space in Fest’s Chocolate Promenade

Youth organizations are invited to set-up a 10’x10’ booth at the Fest to raise additional funds and awareness benefiting their organization. .

Grant Reserve

A fund allocation taken from Distributable Funds of the Paradise Chocolate Fest to fund specific programs &/or projects of qualified youth beneficiaries. *It is important to note that a limited number of Grants are awarded to youth organizations on the Ridge each year. Grants requests are not automatically awarded.

(Applications are due January 16, 2018.) Please feel free to contact Fest director(s) with any questions or considerations. We look forward to working with your youth organization and your supporters - and sharing this outstanding community event.

Sherry C. Swim: President of the Board

Debbie LaPlant Moseley: Executive Director